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Mausolus is the journal of the Mausolea and Monuments Trust.  It is published twice a year and sent free to Trust members, featuring a combination of news items, articles and book reviews.  If you would like to submit an article for consideration by the journal, please send all enquiries to the editor via our contact form
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2021 Mausolus Summer
1st July 2021

The Chandos Mausoleum at Stanmore, The Browne Mausoleum & Spiller Vault at Bridgwater, Somerset, The Marlborough Monument and the Chapel of Blenheim Palace, The Royal Vault at Windsor, On Woodside Cemetery, Addolorata Cemetery in Malta and its Mausolea and Monuments, Protecting mausolea, Mausolea I have known, The Project to Restore the Roddam Mausoleum at Ilderton, Northumberland, Updates to Gazetteer, Recordings of MMT on-line talks

2020 Mausolus Winter
1st December 2020

Resurgam! - The Knill Monument, St Ives, Cornwall – Transcending immortality, The Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and the bodies of Kim, Final Journey: The untold story of funeral trains, Sir William Chamber’s forgotten masterpiece: a mausoleum for Frederick, Prince of Wales, Arcedeckne Mausoleum at Hacheston, Suffolk, The Digby Mausoleum at Sherborne, The Dixon Mausoleum at Christleton, The curious origins of Sir Joseph Bazalagette’s Mausoleum, Obituary: Clifford Hodgetts OBE LD, Updates to the Gazetteer

2020 Mausolus Summer
1st July 2020

Designing for the Dead, A Matter of Trust: Saving the Hamilton Mausoleum, The Guise Mausoleum at Elmore in Gloucestershire, Life after death: the problems of funding conservation of mausolea as a building type, Updates to Gazetteer, The History of the Heathcote Mausoleum at Hursley

2020 Mausolus Spring
1st March 2020

David Chipperfield Architects extension to San Michele Cemetery Island Venice, Update on the Guise Mausoleum Project, The Revision of London Cemeteries: An Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer, Burton: Exploring Without boundaries, Churchyards by Roger Bowdler

2019 Mausolus Winter
1st January 2020

New York in Highgate Cemetery, A mausoleum, a portrait and a Grand Tour: how neo-classicism came to Elmore, Gloucestershire, Merry Cemetery, Southern Bavarian War Memorials from the Great War

2017 Mausolus Summer
24th January 2018

News, Reviews, Ambrose Bierce on the Exile of the Dead from San Francisco and Hannah Malone on Architecture, Death & Nationhood

2017 Mausolus Winter
1st January 2018

Obituary to Gavin Stamp, Princess Charlotte's mausoleum at Claremont, Printed brass monuments, Campbell mausoleum St Mary's RC Cemetery Kensal Green, Thomas Becket's Shrine

2016 Mausolus Winter
3rd May 2017

Guise mausoleum update, Pop Up Mausoleum, Highgate Cemetery, Hope Mausoleum rebirth....

2016 Mausolus Spring
14th August 2016

Papers presented at the Architecture of Death Conference, Scarisbrick mausoleum, Hapsburg Crypt, Budapest

2016 Mausolus Summer
14th August 2016

Papers presented at the Architecture of Death Conference, Scarisbrick mausoleum, Hapsburg Crypt, Budapest

2015 Mausolus Winter
16th February 2016

Update on Hope, plans for the Guise mausoleum, the Young mausoleum in Hammersmith Cemetery, etc.

2015 Mausolus Summer
4th November 2015

Essay competition resuslts, Reviews, Updates

2014 Mausolus Winter
23rd June 2015

The Jewish Cemetery, Penzance; Wauchope Mausoleum, Edinburgh; Robert Adam, designer of mausolea and monuments

2004 MMT News August
18th May 2015

The Monument to National Liberation, Zizkov (Prague)

2005 MMT News June
18th May 2015

The MMT restores two mausolea; angels in cemeteries

2007 MMT News Winter
18th May 2015

Lucinda Lambton's talk to the 10th anniversary AGM of the the Trust in May 2007

2006 MMT News Summer
18th May 2015

Launch of the MMT Gazetteer on the Net

2012 Mausolus Winter
9th May 2015

the Savage tombs; the Duncombe mausoleum; planning and the Bunhill Fields Burial Ground

2014 Mausolus Summer
9th May 2015

Remembering William Butterfield; the grave of Samuel and Suzanne Beckett; monuments to Antarctic explorers; Gabriele d'Annunzio's mausoleum

2011 Mausolus Winter
8th May 2015

Edinburgh's Burial Grounds; Raikes mausoleum; Ralph Allen's mausoleum, Claverton; Bunhill Fields

2013 Mausolus Summer
8th May 2015

Outdoor tombs, the Pentillie Mausoleum and an update on the Hope Mausoleum appeal

2009 MMT News July
8th May 2015

Monuments and slavery - changes to the EH list; St Pancras Gardens

2010 MMT Newsletter May
8th May 2015

Norman Shaw's tomb; Wauchope mausoleum; Dartrey mausoleum

2010 Mausolus Winter
8th May 2015

The Burton mausoleum; Philipson mausoleum, Mary Watts memorial cross; Darnley mausoleum

2011 Mausolus Spring
8th May 2015

The Mausoleum in the Landscape; Hanham mausoleum; Lutyens memorials; Boswell mausoleum; Kilmorey mausoleum; the funeral of Landgrave Friedrich of Hesse-Kasselin 1884

2008 MMT News July
7th May 2015

The Boileau mausoleum and the Boileau family; obituary, Dr Thomas Cocke

2008 MMT News November
7th May 2015

Malplaquet House; the Lovelace Mausoleum

2009 MMT News March
7th May 2015

Dysart mausoleum; Darnley mausoleum; a modern family mausoleum in Cornwall

2003 MMT News November
6th May 2015

Restoring the Sacheverell Bateman mausoleum; the Wilson mausoleum, Warter; Keston Roman tombs

2004 MMT News April
6th May 2015

The origins of the Darnley mausoleum

2004 MMT News November
6th May 2015

The Hopper mausoleum; Newman Brothers Coffin Factory

2005 MMT News March
6th May 2015

The Eyre mortuary chapel, Bath; Birmingham cemeteries

2006 MMT News Spring
6th May 2015

The Knockbreda mausolea

2005 MMT News October
6th May 2015

Dulwich Picture Gallery and its mausoleum; Fitzpatrick mausoleum; sham mausolea; visits to the Sacheverell Bateman mausoleum and the Boileau mausoleum

2001 MMT News May
5th May 2015

Victorian literary attitudes to mausolea in cemeteries

2000 MMT News Sept
5th May 2015

Burial chambers; progress at the Wynn Ellis mausoleum

2002 MMT News Oct
5th May 2015

Kilmorey mausoleum

2003 MMT News March
5th May 2015

the Heathcote mausoleum; a funny thing happened on the way to the cemetery; Raikes mausoleum, E Riding of Yorkshire

2003 MMT News July
5th May 2015

The Hope mausoleum; a note on the Guise mausoleum; the Raikes mausoleum; the mausoleum at Halicarnassus; the Walker mausoleum, Rotherham

2013 Mausolus Winter
11th December 2013

The Larnach mausoleum in Dunedin, NZ; the Melesi mausoleum; the Yule mausoleum; and the North Mausoleum in Great Glemham, Suffolk

2012 Mausolus Summer
14th August 2012

The Guise mausoleum; Eksharad Cemetery, Sweden; the Lowndes mausoleum, Chesham; mausolea in Northern Ireland

2006 MMT News Winter
1st December 2010

Heathcote Mausoleum

2000 MMT News Feb
1st January 2010

Darnley mausoleum

Other articles of interest

MMT Trustees' Report 2018
29th May 2019

MMT Trustees' Report 2018

Byzantium in Berkshire
15th December 2016

Article on the Hannen mausoleum at Wargrave in Berkshire by Oliver Bradbury

A touch of South America in South Hams
15th December 2016

Article on the Harvey mausoleum, Harberton, Devon by Jo Cox, November 2006

The Hunloke mausoleum, Wingerworth, Derbyshire
15th December 2016

History and Architecture of the mausoleum, pub. All Saints Church, Wingerworth, 2003

Samuelson mausoleum, Hatchford Park, Surrey
15th December 2016

The Strange Story of the Samuelson mausoleum, by Joy Grant

The making of the Bowood Landscape
14th December 2016

The Shelburne mausoleum, most prominent feature of the park

The Byng Vault
14th December 2016

Notes on the Byng Vault at All Saints Church, Southill, Bedfordshire, by Roger Bowdler, January 1999.

The Folly and the Mausoleum
14th December 2016

The Freeman mausoleum at Fawley, Buckinghamshire, an article by Geoffrey Tyack

The Bruce, or Ailesbury, mausoleum..........
9th December 2016

the story in brief

Immortal Longings
28th September 2016

Article by John Goodall on the mausolea at Knockbreda

Mausolea in Northern Ireland
24th September 2016

Burton Restoration article
24th September 2016

Account of the restoration of the tomb of Sir Richard Burton in St Mary's RC Cemetery, Mortlake

Built in Remembrance
24th September 2016

Mausolea in Ulster by Professor James Stevens Curl

Post Reformation Mausolea in Suffolk
27th May 2014

Professor James Stevens Curl's account of the Royal Archaeological Institute's study weekend in Suffolk 16-18 May 2014

Discovery of Sir James Tillie's remains at Pentillie Castle
26th February 2013

Hope Springs Eternal
14th July 2010

In Country Life, by Hannah Parham; Hope mausoleum

Reminders of Mortality
30th April 2010

In Apollo, by Gavin Stamp; Hope & Burton mausolea

A small charity with a very big mission
30th June 2008

Roger Bowdler's article in Historic Churches 2008

Current Archaeology Article
1st March 2008

Chris Catling profiles some of the least known and most dedicated voluntary heritage societies

Rural Charity of the Year
19th November 1998

Country Life award to the MMT

Roger Bowdler's article for Churchscape
5th August 1998

A paper discussing the significance of mausolea, introducing the work of the MMT

Evicted from Eternity
15th January 1998

Country Life article by Michael Hall

The Decay of Dying
2nd June 1997

An article by Christopher Woodward for the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain Newsletter No. 61 Summer 1997

Mending Monuments
1st September 1995

An article by Michael Hall reprinted from Country Life

The Mausolea & Monuments Trust
5th January 1995

Roger Bowdler explains the reasons for founding the Trust.

Contemplating Paradise
5th January 1995

Restoration by the Soane Monuments Trusts of the tomb Soaane designed in 1784 for Miss Elizabeth Johnston

Yule Mausoleum
5th January 1995

Article appearing in Herts Advertiser 15 September 2016