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Ways to help MMT

There are many ways that you can help MMT achieve its aims, as described on this page.


By supporting our organization and taking part in our activities, you will help us to look after the mausolea we have in care, raise awareness of the threat facing many others, and explain the unique fascination of this type of building to the wider public.  Read more about membership


The Mausolea & Monuments Trust is run entirely by volunteers, so offers of help are most welcome - in all cases, please be in touch by contacting us .  Some examples:- 

Updating the Gazetteer

We welcome information about mausolea not covered in our gazetteer as well as additional or more accurate details and sources.  Don't forget your camera if you are out and about;  please send us your high quality digital photographs!

Mapping Mausolea

We'd welcome offers of help to identify grid references and postcodes for mausolea where the information is lacking at the moment.  Grid refs locate the buildings on Google maps, and postcodes are useful for satnavs.


The Mausolea & Monuments Trust is run entirely by volunteers.  People give their time and expertise to look after the mausolea we have in guardianship, to open them on Heritage Open Days and by arrangement, to organise and lead events and give lectures, to expand and update the gazetteer, and to edit and write for Mausolus. 

Volunteers undertake the fundraising, collect membership subscriptions, run the virtual office and safeguard the finances;  we have minimal office costs.

Of course we employ professionals where we need advice on particular projects, whether it is architectural expertise for individual mausolea in guardianship; website design, or the audit of our accounts.  But by supporting the Mausolea & Monuments Trust you may be sure that as much of your gift as is possible goes towards cherishing the vulnerable architectural gems we champion.

Please be as generous as you can - click here to donate.


The Mausolea & Monuments Trust is all about preserving the memory of individuals, and respecting the way in which previous generations have carried out the task of honouring the dead.  Please help us in our task by leaving a legacy in your Will.

Wording for a bequest

I hereby bequeath to The Mausolea & Monuments Trust registered charity number 1106634, based at 70 Cowcross Street London EC1M 6EJ, the sum of £        and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other approved officer shall be a good discharge for such a legacy.

Residuary bequest

Should you wish to leave The Mausolea & Monuments Trust the whole or part of the residue of your estate it is best to consult your solicitor.