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Mausolea at Risk

The MMT continues to monitor the condition of many mausolea throughout the UK and is often also contacted by owners and guardians.

On this page you will find listed some of those which the MMT regards as being most at risk.

The mausolea are:

Gillow Mausoleum

Gillow Mausoleum

Churchyard of the RC Church of St Thomas and Elizabeth, Thurnham, LA2 0DT

A rectangular mausoleum, built in red sandstone with stepped stone gables to either end. Designed in the Egyptian style, its most unusual feature is the row of stumpy columns recessed in the wall facing the church. These have bell capitals with papyrus leaves combined with contrasting concave and convex carved decoration. Inside the mausoleum, the wall opposite the entrance is lined from floor to ceiling with coffin niches, many of them empty.

Risk description

The mausoleum is suffering from notable degradation of the external sandstone columns which compromise’s its austere Egyptian form. This is particularly pronounced with the fluting to the middle columns which have weathered to such a point that this detailing, on an otherwise very simple design, is almost lost. The Trust awaits details of a full survey to identify the full scope of repairs required.

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